Alpine Calf Leather

Size: 1.5 - 2.0 m2 | Whole hides | Thickness 1.4 mm. - 1.6 mm. I Shoes, Leather goods, Orthopedics

About Alpine calfskin

Only the best South German calves are used to make this beautiful, quiet calf leather. For this leather a classic chrome tanning is applied, supplemented with a very light, pure water-based finish. Thanks to the processing, the leather has been given a very beautiful and distinctive grain pattern.


The leather is supplied as full grain skins, with an elegant 2-tone optic, and a nice full grip. The thickness is 1.4 mm – 1.6 mm.


Calf leather is perfectly suited for a fine pair of tailored shoes.

Or perhaps a beautiful elegant black handbag?

Did we mention a black calf leather belt as an option ?

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