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Calf Leather

Size: 1.0 m2 - 1.5 m2 | Whole hides | Thickness : from 1.0 mm. - 2.0 mm. I Leather goods, Shoes, Orthopedics

About Calfskin

Also in the leather world we are dealing with the economic laws of supply and demand. In the case of calfskin, better said, the beautiful calfskin, there is a limited supply with greater demand. Precisely, an article of which the price will be a lot higher. Add to that the fact that the main supplier now works in the tannery with the 5th generation, then you also understand that we are talking about an exclusive article.

Alpine Calf Leather

Only the best South German calves are used to make this beautiful, quiet calfskin. For this a classic chrome tanning is applied, supplemented by a very …

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Pearl Calf Leather

Pearl Calfskin is made from the best Southern German calves. This is a leather with a classic chrome tanning, painted in the drums, and finished with a light finish. …

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Natural Calf Leather

Intended for orthopedics and shoemaking. If you are looking for a complete, vegetable tanned, natural calfskin, then this is the one. They are whole calfskins that are delivered, clean and natural, thickness 1mm.

Snow Calf Leather

This special calfskin made from the best Southern German calves, is mainly used in orthopedic shoemaking. There are high demands on the leather …

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