• Extensive and wide selection of quality leather
  • 24-hour delivery from our own warehouse
  • Broad product and market know-how and experience
  • Personalized service and a competitive offering

About us

Our team

Van Oosterum Leather is a family-owned and operated company, something you will undoubtedly notice. Recently the third generation has stepped in to run the company aiming to expand the stock of products and services.

A passion for leather: this has been the driving force since 1929 for founder, Jan van Oosterum, and later on for his son, Gerard, and now more than 80 years later this still holds true for the current management team and company employees.

Leather is a superb natural product and requires the utmost care and attention. Our experienced team will happily advise you in choosing the right leather with the right finish. Together we strive to provide you with a finished product which can make us proud. 

Read more about our added value and history.

Our added value

"Leather is a natural and durable product. You will also recognize this in the way we run our business."

Van Oosterum Leather is a company with a rich history. Since its beginnings in 1929 the focus has been on sustainability. This holds true for our client portfolio and the relationships we have developed with our customers. But also for the way we are dealing with our trusted suppliers, who supply us every day with their best-quality  leather products. 

Sustainability to us means that we not only want to try and provide you with the best possible product today, but also to do it tomorrow and in the future. 

Van Oosterum Leather closely follows the trends and latest developments in the leather business. For you it is important to be able to trust the quality of our products. Using our leather to make your end-product has to be easy and predictable, time after time. Van Oosterum Leather understands this. We are constantly looking to enrich and fine tune our portfolio of leather products, so that you will always have at your disposal the best types of leather, allowing you to react adequately to changes in the market. 

As an entrepreneur you will look for quality and continuity. Van Oosterum Leather is a partner you can trust, since 1929. Read more about our rich history.

Rich history

1929: The start of a company

During the big financial crisis on Wall Street the foundations were laid for a new company in the province of Brabant in the south of the Netherlands. Historically, this area of the Netherlands saw the appearance of many companies active in the leather industry. Founder Jan van Oosterum also saw an opportunity in offering a good piece of leather to the many shoemakers and leather factories in the region. This is the start of the trading company Van Oosterum Leather, import and export of leather.

1950: Succes after the war period

By 1950 the province of Brabant had quickly become the centre of the leather industry. Tanneries and companies working with leather appear everywhere. Van Oosterum Leather was able to grow and to operate in a difficult wartime period. After the war son Gerard van Oosterum was of age and joined his father's company. Gerard apprentices with a his father and learns the business inside-out, and eventually together they were able to accomplish a substantial growth for the company.

1990: from Breda to Raamsdonksveer

In 1989, the 60th anniversary of the firm, Gerard van Oosterum gives the assignment to build a new office and wharehouse building in Raamsdonksveer. The building, apart from offering more space, is located in the business area  Dombosch-I and is much more accessible than the former offices in Breda. By then Jan van Oosterum had already retired from the company, which continued to grow under the energetic guidance of Gerard van Oosterum.

2011: The third generation

By 2011, more than 80 years after its founding, it was time for the third generation to step in and take over the helm. Grandson Evert van Oosterum began managing the family business with the same principles as the prior two generations: honesty, cordiality and a passion for leather, which are the pillars on which the company thrives.