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Exotic Leather

Ostrich I Snake I Crocodile

Exotic leather

The exotic leather has been a great attraction for many years. There is something that intrigues people when it comes to this type of leather. Not least because all major fashion brands invariably have a number of models of bags, belts, shoes in their collection that are made of exotic leather. These large companies work in a very responsible manner with respect to obtaining, processing, tanning and selling products made from exotic leather. We also work according to the CITES regulations that apply in this case. This means that all individual skins are registered and are tracked on their way to the end customer with the accompanying documents.

We, as a wholesaler, are committed to the CITES regulations and only sell responsibly derived animal species. In fact, through our experience we end up buying in the same place where the big fashion houses go. Quality guaranteed.

Snake Leather

The snake leather is usually from Asiatic pythons. In that region there is a large supply area for the European specialized tanneries that process the snakes into a basic material for very fashionable items. It runs from calm, uniformly colored drum-painted snakes, to individual snakes painted by artists with an exceptional fantasy look. Ask us about the possibilities.

Ostrich Leather

A very luxurious article, the leather of ostriches. Characteristic for this leather are the small bumps, where the hair of the ostrich used to be. Our offer is limited, but we know where we can order it. It may not be a surprise, but it is not the cheapest leather!

Crocodile Leather

Yes, what should we say about this leather now?  It is and remains a very striking leather. It starts with very small crocodiles that are used for making, for example, watch bands. And it continues to large species, from which entire travel bags are manufactured. The challenge is to keep it all elegant. And also closely follow the process of the CITES regulations and documentation. That is what we do.

Let us know what you are looking for, crust or finished leather, small or large, belly or rather back.

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