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Furniture Leather (upholstery)

Size: from 2,0 m2 - to 5,0 m2 | Whole hides, Half hides | Upholstery | Thickness : from 1.0 mm. to 2.5 mm.

About Furniture leather

The appeal of leather to upholster furniture remains unchanged. That, of course, has its reasons. To begin with, the “cosmetic” effect of a beautiful sofa set made of cow leather is unmistakable. But there’s more. The leather, if it is good leather, has a number of properties that will increase the comfort. The ability to breathe, adjusting the temperature to the body temperature, being flexible, because of its natural elasticity, without losing the original shape are just a few of those reasons. The range of furniture leather is large, we have made a choice for a number of items that we find beautiful and natural.


Through our cooperation with a German partner we have gained access to a beautiful and extensive catalog of furniture leather. Add to this several other articles of pure vegetable tanning and our self developed SPRANG, full grain leather with a pull-up effect and you are guaranteed to find some thing of your liking.

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Curious about the possibilities for furniture leather? Come and visit our warehouse. Let us know what you are looking for!

Old Germany

We think that leather is equal to emotion. That is, you must experience, grasp, smell, feel the leather. We believe that Old Germany has an overdose of emotion…

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Leder Hillmann

Of course you can always try to reinvent the wheel. Or you can find a partner that has the perfect complement. It is not easy to offer a range of furniture leather… ssortiment meubelleer aan…

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SPRANG is the brand name we have given to our self-developed leather. A naturally milled, drum dyed, full-grain leather with a pull-up effect. Firstly, we personally select the wet blue hides in Italy…

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Rhubarb Leather

The development of leather tanning continues. Looking for better, cleaner methods to tan the leather. That certainly includes this Rhubarb leather…

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