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Harness Leather

Size: from 1,5 m2 - to 3,5 m2 | Sides, Croupons, Shoulders | Upholstery ( furniture) Leather goods. |Thickness : from 1.0 mm. to 2.5 mm.

Harness leather

What does harness leather actually mean? That is the leather that is used for harnesses that are used in the different animal species. Think of the equestrian sport, the dog leashes etc. Everywhere where you can give more guidance by means of a harness to your chosen animal. (a bridle for a horse for example).

The leather used is usually a clear, neutral, greasy, cowhide leather, which has good elasticity and great tear resistance. The white leather is almost always tanned vegetable. The thicknesses can vary from 1.5 mm. up to 4.0 mm.

Depending on which part of the skin is used, you will have to deal with dossets, croupons or shoulders. Sometimes black is used as a color or there are mixed tanning processes. as long as the end product is flexible, sturdy and resistant to weather influences from the outside.

Belt Sides

What is in a name? Classical sides for the production of belts. Vegetable tanning and available in these thicknesses:

1.5 mm. – 2.0 mm. I 2.0 mm – 2.5 mm.

2.5 mm. – 3.0 mm. I 3.0 mm. – 3.5 mm.

3.5 mm. – 4.0 mm.


When is a leather a shoulder? We speak of “shoulders” when the shoulders and neck are cut off as part of the cowhide. The shoulder is about 25% of the entire skin. Characteristic alongside the design are the neck straps and the grain pattern. It is a sturdy type of leather that can be tanned and finished in different ways.


If you are planning to make really nice belts, then these croupons are perfectly suitable. The dimensions of the croupon ensure that you get maximum yield from the leather. With a thickness of 3.0 – 3.5 mm, these vegetable tanned, slightly greasy croupons are an excellent choice for belt leather.

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