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How is leather actually measured?

It seems like an obvious question, but it is still good to reflect on the answer. Today most of the leather is measured in “square meters = m2”. As a surface area, for most people a daily and clear understood concept. Modern measurement is either done by running the skin through a machine that reads the surface and can also write the correct size at the same time. Or, of course nowadays, digital cameras can capture the size of skin lying down on a big table. The dimensions of each skin will obviously vary, and at the end of the day, a price is determined per square meter. So it is important that everyone knows how big the whole skin or half skin is.

In the past, a lot of work was done with the term “square foot”. The size of a square foot is 30.53 cm x 30.53 cm. You can also convert it, we maintain that 1 m2 is equal to 10.7906 square feet. You will hear us using both terms.

You will understand that every skin has a different size and therefore we can not deliver standard products of, for example, 2.0 m2. If we get a question for a “piece” of leather with a size of 2.0 m2, there will always be a slightly different size. (for example 1.95 m2 or 2.07 m2)

Did you know?

  • 1 m2 = 10,7643 sq.ft.
  • sq.ft. = square feet
  • 1 sq.ft. = 30,48 cm x 30,48 cm
  • One big hide is 5,5 m2
  • 5,5 m2 = 59,20 vierkante voet