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Lining Leather

Size: from 1,0 m2 - to 2,5 m2 | Whole hides, Half hides | Schoes, Leather goods, Orthopedics | Thickness : from 0.6 mm. to 1.4 mm.

About Lining Leather

Under this heading we place all items that are used to provide products with a lining. This may be the case with shoes and boots, but also with leather goods (bags, belts) and even with orthopedic products. The product for which it is used will give direction to the properties you are looking for. The inner lining of a bag does not ask for the same as the lining for a shoe. Just think of the “foot climate” which is so important; you are looking for a lining that gives a pleasant feeling, that can absorb moisture, which is breathable, slightly elastic. Here you would well put in a drum-dyed natural calf lining.

Let us help you with your choice. Just come along and ask for the possibilities.


We have a varied supply of lining leather. For your convenience, they are sorted here by animal species. If you would like to know if there is another lining leather, you can always call or email us.

Calf Leather Lining

Certainly one of the most used leather liners. This can be a smooth, finished eco calf lining or, for example, a perforated, natural, drum-dyed, full grain calf lining. The difference becomes immediately clear when you put the 2 articles next to each other. There is a place for both.


Bovine Lining Leather

The offer here consists of different finishes. You can choose from a smooth cow lining, a semi-perforation, or a chrome-free, super-soft cow lining. You know where you want to use it and what kind of characteristics you need for it.

We are happy to help you.

Pig lining leather

A standard product, strong, cheap. We offer you 2 colors.

Goat Skivers

A typical product for the shoes and soles segment. Strong, economical and effective. We have 2 colors available.

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