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Nappa Leather

Size: from 0,5 m2 - to 5,0 m2 | Whole hides, Half hides | Furniture, Leather goods, Orthopedics | Thickness : from 0.6 mm. to 2.5 mm.

About Nappa Leather

It is perhaps one of the most famous leathers. Who does not know the term Nappa leather? In the past, this term meant a supple, chrome tanned, smooth, full grain leather made of calf or sheep. Painted in the drums and with a protective finish layer to ensure that it can take a beating.

Nowadays it seems that in practice Nappa leather is more of a sort of collective name for a smooth, soft leather. So you can make it from all sorts of animal species. The most used are lamb, cow, goat, pig and horse.

Ross Nappa

Often when you opt for a certain property, you deliver on another property. In the case of Ross Nappa, this is really different. It is a supple nappa leather with a pronounced firmness…

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Lamb Nappa

Thin, supple, soft, strong, colorful, fanciful! These are the labels that come to mind for us to describe the range of Lamb Nappa. For many purposes…

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Nappa Cow Leather

The suppleness of the smooth nappa leather, full grain or with a print, ensure that you can use it for leather goods, (bags) but also for fashion / clothing. The offer is varied…

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