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Natural and Colored Shoulders (Harness Leather)

Vegetable Tanned shoulders I Thickness : from 0.6 mm. - 3.5 mm. I Size: 1.0 m2 - 1.4 m2 I Leather goods, Harness Leather, Orthopedics


We talk about shoulders when the shoulders and neck are cut off as one part from a large cowhide. The neck is about 25% of the entire skin. Characteristic alongside the design are the neck straps and the grain pattern. These are desirable characteristics, which for example can be even more pronounced in bulls. It is a solid leather, which can be tanned and finished in different ways. The thicker the leather is, the more stable it will be. It is not for nothing that it is an excellent material for belts and for example motorcycle bags. Ask about our possibilities.

Natural Shoulders

These are the shoulders where no dyes are used in the tanning process. The leather has a natural, white color, which will certainly change under the influence of light. You can then choose to color the neck yourself or to accept that with time the leather will show these signs of aging. The recipe of each tanner for white necks will differ, giving the end product a different character.

Colored shoulders

In contrast to the white, natural shoulders, in the tanning process dyes are used to color the leather.  The result is a uniform colored shoulder, which can be used for multiple purposes. The presence of the neck straps once again confirms the unique character of the shoulder. Curious about the colors?


  • Vegetable tanned shoulders
  • Suited for : Orthopedics I Leather goods I Harness Leather
  • Colors: blank (natural) + 15 colors
  • Thickness: 1.3 mm. – 3.5 mm.
  • Size: from 1.0 m2 to 1.4 m2