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Patent Leather

Size: 2.0 -2.5 m2 | Half hides | Schoes, Boots, Leather goods | Thickness : from 1.0 mm. to 1.4 mm. I

Patent leather

The appearance of patent leather remains fascinating. It does not matter if you see it on a pair of elegant ladies shoes or when it is used for a chic bag. It evokes a certain tension that is hard to match with other types of leather.

Even in equestrian sports, the boots made of patent leather are indispensable. Especially if you can also get a nice print on it. There are still more special effects to be applied. Let us know what you are looking for and we will talk directly with our Italian tanner, who else could make that patent leather for us.

Or maybe you thought of other applications …


  • Chrome tanned patent leather
  • Thickness; 1.0 mm. – 1.4 mm.
  • Half hides; size varies from 2.0 m2 to 2.5 m2.
  • 4 colors, including some croco prints