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Sheep Leather

Size: from 0,7 m2 - 2,0 m2 | Whole hides, coats | Music Organ Restoration, Upholstery, Leather goods, Orthopedics| Thickness : from 0.5 mm. to 1.8 mm.

About Sheep leather

Most sheep are kept for the wool. A part of the population is slaughtered each year. After the bovine leather, the production of sheep and lamb leather probably comes second. The sheep and lamb leather finds its way to applications for upholstery, leather goods, gloves, furniture and special segments such as music organ building.

Sheep leather can be tanned in different ways. Much is related to the quality of the basic material; thickness of the skins, imperfections, etc.

The items of sheep leather that we sell are mainly requested in orthopedics, music organ building and leather goods.

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Chamois leather

We all know the chamois leather. Who has not dried his car or washed the windows with chamois leather? The specific tanning ensures that chamois leather is very soft, washable and moisture regulating when it comes into contact with the skin. Therefore, chamois leather is also used within orthopedics.


Specific chamois leather tanning
Thickness: 0.6 mm – 0.8 mm.
Size: 0.7 m2 – 1.0 m2
Colors: yellow


The sheepskins get an increasingly important place in our homes. For decoration the coats are laid on the floor, on the bed, etc. The coats we sell are also used as lining when making boots. Or as lining or decoration of leather goods


Specific sheepskin leather tanning
Thickness: 0ne sheepskin
Size: 0.6 m2 – 1.1 m2
Colors: yellow, taupe, black

Music Organ Leather (bellows)

This article is used by professionals who build or restore music organs. The tanning of sheep leather gives the very specific characteristics that the specialists are looking for.


Chrome tanned sheep leather
Thickness: 0.6 mm – 1.8 mm.
Size: 0.6 m2 – 1.0 m2
Colors: white-gray

Lamb Skivers Cognac

No everyday article. Super thin and soft these skivers are also called valve leather. They are used in music organ building to cover the valves. It is also used as a lining within orthopedics.


Specific chrome tanning
Thickness: 0.1 mm – 0.5 mm.
Size: 0.7 m2 – 1.0 m2
Colors: orange-cognac