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I want to buy a piece of leather measuring 30 x 40 centimeters. Is that possible?

The leather is generally sold as hides or skins. Because the leather comes from animal skin, the dimensions are different every time. Of course, a sheepskin is not as big as a cowhide. But one cow is not identical to the next one either. With large hides such as a cow, sometimes half a hide is also offered. For us as a wholesaler, however, it is difficult and economically unfeasible to cut small pieces from a skin. We are then left with a cut skin, which it is difficult for us to sell to someone else. That's why we don't sell pieces of leather.

We do sell strips of leather, which we cut in a straight line from the shoulders of the cow, this is usually used for belts. (see the webshop)

Can I cut the leather myself?

You can also cut most leather yourself. Of course it depends on what you want to use it for, but for most purposes you can lay the leather, for example bag leather, flat on a table and neatly cut the leather with a ruler and box cutter. There are also various knives that you can buy as a hobbyist, to neatly cut straight belts. Did you know that leather is also cut by machine on large tables? You can save entire patterns in the computer and the computer will then control a small sharp knife that cuts out exactly your pattern. Very handy if you have to cut a lot.

Can you also put leather in the washing machine?

In general, we would say that this is not a good idea. Especially if you do not know how the leather is made and what the expectation is for the leather when it has dried again. However, there are thin nappa leathers that you should wash at a low temperature. It goes without saying that it is good to always read the instructions on your clothing first. If you are not entirely sure, you can always ask us.

Can I dye the vegetable tanned natural leather myself?

Yes, you can color the natural vegtan leather yourself. This leather is vegetable tanned and no dyes have been used. There is also no protective finish that could prevent your paint from being absorbed. Look on the internet which products are best to use and how the leather will react to the paint you use. We do not sell paint or dyes ourselves.

Do you also have leftover scraps of leather?

That is certainly a question we often receive. It is good to indicate what we mean by scraps of leather. All leather that comes to us is checked. Skin by skin! Usually it looks fine. Sometimes, however, we see a small piece on the side that looks less good. We then cut that piece off the skin. We keep this piece in cardboard boxes for customers or hobbyists to buy. We do not know in advance what will end up in the boxes. So it is a waste product. A box is sold per kilogram, the price is € 6 per kilogram. It is always best to just drop by if possible.