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Of course, there are products that you can just order almost blindly. Because you have ordered them more often, for example. Or because it's so obvious that there can be no misunderstanding or disappointment. Leather does not belong to those products as far as we are concerned! So many kinds of leather, so many colours, so many grain structures. Leather is a versatile product and we understand that you want to feel, smell and see it.

Learn how it feels when you ask us! That is why we are happy to send you samples of our leather. So you can put it next to something else to determine the exact colour. So you can feel the thickness and touch the top layer. So you know for sure that you are going to place the right order. We understand that! And you can expect from us that the samples you received from us will later match the item you are going to order. That's why we do it. So that you can form a good image of the product you want to make of it in the end.

So do not hesitate and ask for the free samples that will further help you make the right choice!

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Color Book

Specially for furniture makers: Our upholstery partner, Leder Hillmann, has made fantastic beautiful books, in which they have included their Collection sorted by colours and articles. Would you like to have a large selection of samples in all colours at hand? Then the Color Book is made for you! All the possibilities in a row, so that there is no more doubt when choosing the right furniture. You can get the luxury Collection Book for free if you decide to place a first order with us for furniture leather. You can also order the Color Book separately, so that you already have a beautiful reference work at home. The cost of the book will be € 125. 

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sam·ple (the;  plural: samples)

1. test to judge quality, weight, color, etc.; = sample

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Of course, we do not speak an infinite number of languages, but we defend ourselves reasonably, supported by modern technology. The samples are, after all, an important tool for contacting a potential customer for the first time. This means that we show a certain discipline to organize the sample service. We see it as a great investment to convince new customers. Sometimes the samples, as stated, come packaged in an exclusive Color Book, for which we will then ask for a contribution. However, the vast majority of the samples are loose, individual samples and of course they will be furnished by us. 

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