Cow lining

The range of cow linings consists of different finishes. At Van Oosterum Leder you can choose from 3 options: a smooth, a semiperfor or a chrome-free, super soft cowhide lining.
If you know what you want to use it for, but don't know which cowhide finish will go with it, let us know. We are happy to help you.

Type: Bovine leather

Contact us if you want to know more about the technical properties of this leather. The item is made by a German tanner. We ask all our tanners to provide us with their REACH declaration. This indicates that they do not use substances classified as harmful by the European Union in the tanning process.

Artclenumber Article
128300001 Cow lining Volnerf Glad 128/TR/147
128300002 Cow lining Naturel Volnerf Perfor 128/TR/147
128300100 Cow lining Nat. Glad/II
128400001 Cow lining Naturel Glad
128400002 Cow lining Naturel Perfor.
128600001 Cow lining Chroomvrij
135700110 Cow lining beige 1,0-1,2
135800110 Cow lining organic nat. 1,0-1,2
135800111 Cow lining organic nat semie perfor 1,0-1,2
300100001 Cow lining glad 0,8 mm
300142000 Cow lining Naturel Semi Perfor
625000003 Cow lining crust zwart, jeans, bruin, cognac
625000012 Cow lining zwart voor schorten
625200100 Cow lining beige Chroomvrij