Leather is emotion. And our passion!




Active in many areas; upholstery, leather goods, orthopaedics, fashion, saddlery, organ restoration.



Years with passion!

A healthy family business, in the hands of the 3rd generation, with an ambitious outlook!




Almost too many to mention, the number of tanneries all over Europa where we source the leather for your business.

Quality and continuity are priorities.

"Leather is a natural and sustainable product. Properties that are reflected in the way we do business."

Since the start in 1929, we have been guided by sustainability. This concerns our Collection, our relationship with customers, but certainly also the contact with suppliers. We want to provide our customers with the very best leather not only today, but also tomorrow and in the future.

Van Oosterum Leder therefore closely follows trends and developments in the field of leather. It is important for you to be able to rely on the quality of a product. The processing to an end product must be easy and predictable, over and over again. Van Oosterum Leder understands that. We are constantly working on enriching and refining our Collection, so that you always have access to the best types of leather and can easily respond to developments in the market. As an entrepreneur you are also looking for quality and continuity.

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The importance of knowledge in a company

The most valuable asset of an organization is the accumulated knowledge of its people. However special a company's product or service is, what makes your company unique are the people who make it happen. When employees share their knowledge, your organization reaps the benefits of everyone's intelligence.

You can think of different kinds of knowledge. Explicit knowledge is, for example, the actual material such as data, manuals and memos and this knowledge can be relatively easily transferred to other colleagues. The tacit knowledge, on the other hand, is not easy to transfer to another person. It is through contact and interaction that tacit knowledge can be passed on to other people. You will have to work together to make this transfer happen. This is also how we see it when it comes to having leather made. That's not something where you can just tell people how to do it. You can only bring it across in the cooperation with the customer, using all the experience you have gained over the years. We use all our knowledge for you as a customer!

From wholesale to virtual tannery?

Virtual, that sounds very topical in this day and age.

Let's explain. What we mean by that is that we are of course a wholesaler, but that we can behave like a tannery. We understand very well that there may be a need to have a direct contact with the tanner. Several factors play a role, one of which is certainly the idea that there is a cost advantage to be achieved.

Now, we make available our accumulated knowledge and experience to ensure that the outcome of the purchasing process is a very good alternative. We have continued to evolve as a company. At the beginning of every tanning process is the selection of the raw hides. An important part, because it forms the basis for the quality and properties of the leather that is ultimately made of it. In other words, if the selection process does not run properly, you will automatically be faced with a loss of “yield” of your desired leather.

How exactly does that work?

We check the selection of the skins in wet blue ourselves. At this stage you can still do many things with the leather you want to turn it into. Over the years we have built up a network of tanneries that we estimate to be of high quality. We now commission these tanners to tan the wet blue hides and finish them according to the characteristics desired by the customer. The entire process is supervised and monitored by us. If we can't be there ourselves, then we've found independent people of trust, who we know handle these assignments as we would. They feel responsible. We ensure that control moments are built in when the customer gives us the “green” light to continue. At the end of the ride, there is a beautiful leather, which has been developed and made in close collaboration with the customer at tanneries selected by us.

So we are not a real tannery, but in fact we do everything you can expect from working with a tannery. And so we make the entire process transparent and easy to follow. This streamlined approach leads to economic benefits, which are of course shared with the customer.

Fast, clear and timely communication, good quality linked to the right price, excellent service and availability, these are all elements that can be decisive for the customer. Try it!