Velvet is a fine split suede leather, fashionable, with a natural look, vibrant colors and a completely round finish. The abundant list of colors offers the artisan producers a great opportunity to match the equally wide color range for the Veneto article. With the right amount of imagination, they can marry the two different types of leather, leading to the manufacture of simply beautiful products. The split suede has its origins in European animals, checked, selected and tanned and finished in Italy.

Type: Bovine leather Pig leather Goat leather Calf leather
Tanning: chrome tanning vegetable tanning
Thickness: several

Contact us if you want to know more about the technical properties of this leather. The item is made by a Italian tanner. We ask all our tanners to provide us with their REACH declaration. This indicates that they do not use substances classified as harmful by the European Union in the tanning process.

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In our collection we have suede in different versions. Let us know what you want to use it for and we'll get you started.  Splitsuede, goatsuede, cowsuede, calfssuede, pigsuede.
Velvet is the name for our splitsuede Available in more than 70 colors.
  Velvet Swatch Card