Chamois leather


We are all familiar with chamois leather. Who hasn't dried their car or cleaned the windows with chamois leather? The specific tanning ensures that chamois leather is very soft, washable and also has a moisture-regulating effect when it comes into contact with the skin. That is why chamois leather is also used in orthopedics.

Type: Sheep leather
Tanning: chamois tanning
Thickness: several

Contact us if you want to know more about the technical properties of this leather. The item is purchased from a Dutch trader. We ask all our tanners to provide us with their REACH declaration. This indicates that they do not use substances classified as harmful by the European Union in the tanning process.

Articlenumber Article
138100101 Chamois leather Lamb Thin
138100201 Chamois leather Medium
138100301 Chamois leather Thick
138100401 Chamois leather Thin