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How do you use the “walk” leather?

“Walking” is a treatment in which the wet white vegetable-tanned leather is stretched over a model to give it a certain shape. Such a model can be the last of a shoemaker or the plaster model, for example, of an orthopedic instrument maker of orthoses and prostheses. Small nails and a “walk” pliers are used to secure the leather.
To stretch the leather, the nails are driven in at short intervals so that the leather is stretched tightly around the model. In addition, careful fixation prevents the locking pins from being pulled out of the model. The leather shrinks a little while drying and stretches. If the leather has dried after walking, it will keep its shape. The nails are removed and the leather is trimmed and sewn.
The term "with a core" means that the cowhide is not completely tanned through. It has a very permanent, constant property - similar to parchment leather.
Inside, the walk leather has a more or less strong, raw stripe, the so-called "Spiessstreifen". So we also say, with a core or without a core. This core, which is raw or has a very low tanning intensity, significantly increases the stability of the leather.

Type: Bovine leather
Tanning: vegetable tanning
Thickness: 1,00 - 1,25 mm. 1,25 - 1,50 mm. 1,50 - 2,00 mm. 2,00 - 2,50 mm. 2,50 - 3,50 mm.

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Articlenumber Article
422200114 Smooth vegtan shoulders 1-1¼ mm Vast   
422200115 Smooth vegtan shoulders.  1¼-1½ mm Vast
422200152 Smooth vegtan shoulders.  1½-2 mm Vast   
422200225 Smooth vegtan shoulders.  2-2½ mm Vast   
422200253 Smooth vegtan shoulders.  2½-3 mm Vast   
422200335 Smooth vegtan shoulders.  3-3½ mm Vast   
422300152 Smooth vegtan shoulders.  1½-2 mm Mild   
422300225 Smooth vegtan shoulders.  2-2½ mm Mild   
422400152 Smooth vegtan shoulders.  1½-2 mm MK    
422400225 Smooth vegtan shoulders.  2-2½ mm MK    
422400253 Smooth vegtan shoulders.  2½-3 mm MK