Pearl Calf leather


The Pearl Calf leather is made from the best South German calves. This is a leather with a classic chrome tanning, dyed in the barrel, and finished with a light finish. The calf leather mainly finds its way into the production of elegant men's and women's shoes. With a beautiful silk matte grain and a transparent optic, the leather has a nice full, soft grip. It is characterized by a fixed grain. The leather is supplied as full, full grain hides, with a thickness of 1.0 mm. – 1.2mm. It also has a Scotch Guard impregnation to protect against water and dirt. It is complemented by an extensive range of colours.

Type: Calf leather
Tanning: chrome tanning
Thickness: 1,0 - 1,2 mm.

Contact us if you want to know more about the technical properties of this leather. The item is made by a German tanner. We ask all our tanners to provide us with their REACH declaration. This indicates that they do not use substances classified as harmful by the European Union in the tanning process.

Articlenumber Article
434401001 Pearl Calfs Zwart I
434401002 Pearl Calfs Zwart II
434401003 Pearl Calfs Zwart III
434402001 Pearl Calfs Wit      I
434402002 Pearl Calfs Wit   II
434408001 Pearl Kalfs kl 4/8 I
434408002 Pearl Kalfs 4/08  II
434412001 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/12 I
434412002 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/12 II
434414001 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/14 I
434414002 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/14 II
434415001 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/15 I
434415002 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/15 II
434421001 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/21 I
434421002 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/21 II
434430001 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/30 I
434430002 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/30 II
434431001 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/3  I
434431002 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/3  II
434435001 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/35 I
434435002 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/35 II
434436001 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/36 I
434436002 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/36 II
434440001 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/4  I
434440002 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/4  II
434443001 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/43 I
434443002 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/43 II
434447001 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/47 I
434447002 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/47 II
434464001 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/64 I
434464002 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/64 II
434470001 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/70 I
434470002 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/70 II
434492001 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/92 I
434492002 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/92 II
434493001 Pearl Kalfs 4/93  I
434493002 Pearl Kalfs 4/93  II
434494001 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/94 I
434494002 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/94 II
434495001 Pearl Kalfs kl. 95 I
434495002 Pearl Kalfs 4/95  II
434496001 Pearl Kalfs 4/96  I
434496002 Pearl Kalfs 4/96  II
434498001 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/98 I
434498002 Pearl Calfs Kl.4/98 II