Vegtan shoulders


These are the shoulders where no dyes are used in the tanning process. The leather has a natural, white color, which will certainly change under the influence of light. You can then choose to color the neck yourself or to accept that the leather will show these signs of age over time. The recipe of every tanner for white necks will differ, so that the end product will also have a different character.

We speak of shoulders when the shoulders and neck are cut off as part of a large bovine hide. The shoulder is about 25% of the whole skin. Characteristic in addition to the design are the neck stripes and the grain pattern. These are desirable characteristics, which can be even more pronounced in bulls, for example. It is a sturdy leather, which can be tanned and finished in different ways. The thicker the leather is, the more durable it will be. It is not without reason that it is an excellent material for belts and motorcycle bags, for example. Ask about our options.


Type: Bovine leather
Tanning: vegetable tanning
Thickness: 1,3 - 1,5 mm. 1,8 - 2,0 mm. 3,0 - 3,5 mm.

Contact us if you want to know more about the technical properties of this leather. The item is made by German, Belgian and Spanish tanneries. We ask all our tanners to provide us with their REACH declaration. This indicates that they do not use substances classified as harmful by the European Union in the tanning process.

Articlenumber Article
111100131 Vegtan shoulders 1,3-1,5 mm
111100181 Vegtan shoulders 1,8-2 mm
128100351 Vegtan shoulders 3-3½ mm    
129000086 Vegtan shoulders 2,5 - 3,5 mm