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What exactly is Sprang?

That is a question that we get more often. That is why it is high time to answer this in detail.

Sprang, what is that really?

Sprang leather is a drumdyed cowhide leather that we have completely tanned according to our own recipe in Italy. This means that we have chosen all skins ourselves and that together with the tanner we have developed a unique tanning recipe. We looked for specific properties. It had to be a full-grain leather. In other words, not corrected or sanded, but as nature has allowed the animal to live.

The development of our own recipe took a while, but after several attempts we finally put down a beautiful end product. Sprang is a natural, milled leather that feels firm, but still falls very smoothly. A nice pull-up effect gives the leather character. The ‘pull-up’ effect means that fat tanning has been used to ensure that when you tighten the skin, a lighter color appears. It also ensures that if, for example, a small scratch comes up, you can brush it away because the fat then comes up again.

Leather has to live, that’s what we think. So we do not exclude that the appearance and character of Sprang leather can change with intensive use. We think that that makes it even more beautiful.

Where does the name Sprang come from?
The name ‘Sprang’ came about by chance. We had the ambition a few years ago to develop a new leather for a potential customer. For this the leather had to meet various properties. We then went to the tannery in Italy to determine the recipe for the new leather.

In order to clarify the product for all parties, we have chosen to give the ‘new’ leather a part of the name where the customer was located. “Sprang” is actually a name for a town in Brabant. After that, it started to lead a life of its own and we chose to keep the name as a brand name for our leather.

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