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Ross Nappa

Size: 4.0 - 5.0 m2 | Whole hides | Leather goods, Clothing, Orthopedics| Thickness : from 0.7 mm. to 0.8 mm.

Ross Nappa

Often when you opt for a certain property, you deliver on another property. In the case of Ross Nappa, this is really different. It is a supple nappa leather with a pronounced firmness. You do not just tear it apart. Due to the elasticity that the leather has, it can be used very well for upholstery and clothing. The form will not be lost.

We see it as a solid leather which does its job very well.


  • Chrome tanned nappa leather
  • Thickness; 0.7 mm. – 0.8 mm.
  • Whole hides; 4.0 m2 to 5.5 m2.
  • 7 colors